Oct 6, 2011

Kineo CAM releases the first Dynamic Collision Checker for 3D software environment

Kineo CAM, the leading software components provider for collision detection and automatic path planning, releases the first commercial dynamic collision checker for 3D software environments.

Up to now, commercial collision checkers perform static collision detection. For a given state of the 3D scene, they return Boolean information for collisions between subsets of the scene. More advanced collision detectors can also return distance between subsets and, some of them, penetration length in case of collision.

However, such capabilities cannot be easily applied to articulated multi-body systems moving in a 3D environment. For example, developing a collision avoidance application requires the user to design motion analysis algorithms in order to anticipate the point of impact along a given trajectory. In such a case, software developers must develop an upper applicative layer to manage the features in order to answer these questions:

Would a collision occur if I execute the trajectory?
What is the position before interference?
Where along the path do mobile objects come closest to obstacles?

KCD-Dynamic™ is a fully featured software component that integrates collision detection for moving systems into a single software library. Features include the following:

High performance collision detection library allowing for real time user interaction
Complete kinematic chain and constraints description to describe any kind of system and its motion
Integrated collision testing along a trajectory
Detection of upcoming collision
Clearance and proximity computation

KCD-Dynamic™ inherits the computational excellence and reduced memory footprint of the static collision detector KCD™, which makes it an ideal solution to develop software applications such as:

Collision avoidance systems for robots able to prevent damage by stopping the motion before interferences happen.
Plotting and documenting minimal distances between moving bodies and specific parts of the scene.
Quickly identify any bottleneck during assembly or servicing operations.
Interactively create a trajectory that is guaranteed to be continuously collision-free.
Visualize intersections and penetration depth in case of collisions.
Make remote control easier and safer.

The software product, KCD-Dynamic™ is available as a C++ software library for an easy integration in third party software applications. It belongs to the Kineo Collision Detector software suite made of KCD™, the high performance collision detector and KCD for Point Cloud™, specially designed to perform collision checking in point cloud files. Availability: December 15th 2011.