Oct 12, 2011

Ilesfay Joins The Aras Partner Program

Provides Cloud-based Data Replication, Collaboration and Storage for The Aras PLM Solution Suite.

Aras today anounced that Ilesfay Technology Group, an Ohio-based provider of cloud-based data replication technology and services for corporate product lifecycle management, has joined the Aras Partner Program. Ilesfay‘s proprietary Content Delivery Engine leverages the cloud to ensure the timely, accurate delivery of information, reducing costs and solving data delivery and storage challenges for corporate PLM customers.

In the past, companies made huge capital investments to build cumbersome point-to-point solutions. These solutions quickly became obsolete, as the amount of data or the distributed demand for data exceeded the limits of the infrastructure resulting in wasted time, increased rework, poor decision making and missed deadlines. Drawing on deep experience in network/Internet connectivity and large data sets, the Ilesfay Content Delivery Engine uses the cloud to ensure that the right data gets to the right person at the right time for a fraction of the cost.

“Ilesfay’s cloud-based replication solutions are globally accessible, easily managed and highly secure, providing Aras users with the sophisticated replication, collaboration and storage capabilities required in today’s complex, distributed product development environments. We are pleased to welcome Ilesfay to the Aras Community and the Aras Partner Program,” said Peter Schroer, President of Aras.