Oct 12, 2011

GstarCAD Launches Application for iTouch and iPhone

Beijing: GstarCAD has newly launched GstarCAD MC 1.1 for Apple’s iPad, iTouch and iPhone, 3 weeks after its early release of GstarCAD MC 1.0 for iPad.

The new version of GstarCAD MC aims at wider range of iPhone customers. iPhone’s better portability and stronger communication functions enable users to access drawings via GstarCAD MC on more special occasions, which bring more convenience and flexibility.

In addition, some very practical functions like full-screen display and customized GUI setting are added on the base of GstarCAD MC 1.0. Taking GUI setting as example, GstarCAD MC 1.1 allows users to customize the user interface, e.g. background color, size and location of Magnifier, maximum number of selected entities, to fit their operational habits. The settings are able to be saved and recalled without repetitive work. Moreover, the enhancement in performance is another highlight of GstarCAD MC 1.1. GstarCAD MC 1.1 inherits the powerful functions of GstarCAD MC 1.0 and ameliorates them. The improvements ensure the finger-operations smoother and quicker, comparing to other applications.