Oct 3, 2011

Fully automatic transfer of CAD data into SAP with CIDEONs Import PDM / PLM and CAD Collaboration

The replacement of old systems frequently entails time-consuming manual import processes for mass data in SAP. Furthermore, when CAD documents are processed by external engineers or suppliers, the re-imports to SAP have to be carried out without any errors with regard to version and change management.

With CIDEON CAD Collaboration and CIDEON Import PDM / PLM, risky manual import processes are excluded because the problem-free transfer of data to SAP is fully automated.

The new release 7.2 of the import application now also supports the latest Autodesk CAD systems Inventor 2012 and AutoCAD 2012.

Furthermore the internal CAD-system-independent functionality has been enhanced as well. This enables the user to access more functionality in the configuration and hence ensures more flexibility to the entire solution.

Excerpt from the new functionality:

support of Autodesk Inventor 2012 and AutoCAD 2012
SolidWorks: possibility to handle broken references
Autodesk AutoCAD: Open documents with recover functionality
internal CAD-system-independent features: Enhancement of string operations, use of multiple external mapping tables