Oct 18, 2011

ESI participates in SAE Aerotech congress & exhibition in Toulouse, October 18 to 21

ESI Group, pioneer and world-leading solution provider in virtual prototyping for manufacturing industries, announces its participation at the biennial international SAE Aerotech congress and exhibition for aerospace professionals.

SAE Aerotech, a key event during which the aerospace community prepares for future challenges and opportunities, will feature over fifty technical and business sessions, addressing hot topics for today’s industry such as coping with new regulations, pre-certifying components, manufacturing composite materials and integrating industrial processes, all of which affect disciplines at the heart of aircraft and spacecraft conception.

During this congress, ESI customers and ESI domain specialists will deliver joint presentations about how Virtual Prototyping helps the aeronautic industry raise its quality standards while cutting down product development costs and shortening time to market. One of the many benefits of Virtual Prototyping, a method enabling concurrent design across multiple domains, is to facilitate design iterations at each and every stage of the product development process. This method precisely addresses a product’s performance by taking into account how it is manufactured and the environment in which it will function.

Virtual Prototyping expert Dr Jean-Christophe Gebelin, Technical Director of PRISM2 (Partnership for Research in the Simulation of Manufacturing and Materials), University of Birmingham, asserts “Virtual manufacturing in the welding area offers the possibility to optimize fixturing, and to better understand induced distortion and residual stresses. This is an area where significant process improvement can be offered to the aeronautic industry, leading to important cost and environmental impact reduction.”

The calendar of ESI and customer presentations is as follows:

On Tuesday, 18 October:

4:30 pm (Room Argos)
Modeling Fuel Injection and Flash Vaporization In Rocket Engines,presented by Philippe Gelenne, ESI France.
On Wednesday, 19 October:

9:00 am (Room Ariane 1)
Casting Process Simulation: Mold Filing, Solidification, Casting Defects, presented by Serge Fargeas, SNECMA.

9:30 am (Room Ariane 1)
Modeling of Electron Beam Welding of Titanium Alloys, presented by Richard Turner , University of Birmingham.

12:00 pm (Room Cassiopée)
Skills Synergy Leading to RTM Flow Simulation Success Story, presented by Patrick de Luca, ESI Group.

4:30 pm (Room Salle de Presse Mermoz)
Simulating Response of Lightweight Reflectors to Acoustic Tests, presented by Paul Blelloch, ATA Engineering Inc.

On Thursday, 20 October:

8:30 am (Room Cassiopée)
Prediction of Shape Distortion using Autoclave through Simulation, presented by Laurent Dufort, ESI Group.

ESI will be located at the booth n°526. For more information on ESI’s attendance at SAE Aerotech, visit: www.esi-group.com/sae-aerotech-2011

And to find out more about SAE Aerotech: www.sae.org/aerotech