Oct 21, 2011

Eiji Shibata wins Good Design Award 2011

Product designer Mr. Eiji Shibata won a Good Design Award for the design of TRINITY DRIVE’s handbike. Designed with Vectorworks, this handbike is a big hit in Japan and has been featured on a variety of TV programs, as it realizes a physically challenged person’s dream of riding a stylish bike and moving comfortably around town.

After testing the original concept with physically challenged persons, the design was modified and the weight of the bike was reduced. As a matter of fact, our own CEO, Sean Flaherty, had the opportunity to test drive the bike while visiting A&A, our Japanese distributor, last year.

Congratulations to Mr. Eiji Shibata for designing products that are truly making an impact on peoples’ lives.

If you are interested, check out his book about visualizations, VW Designs, which introduces the idea of using CAD to inspire design ideas.