Oct 13, 2011

Delcam to show new OrderManager for orthotics at SCP Conference

Delcam will demonstrate its new workflow management solution, ‘OrderManager’, in the UK for the first time at the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists Annual Conference to be held in Harrogate from 24th to 26th November. The system allows both practitioners and laboratories to track and access all order details and transactions, from the initial placing of the order, through CAD modelling and manufacturing, to delivery to the patient.

OrderManager can be used both by practitioners that have digital scanning equipment to capture patient data and those that use traditional casting methods. An orthotics order, containing 3D scan data collected on the Delcam iQube 3D scanner or similar devices, a digital prescription and supporting images, can be transferred to the laboratory electronically at the touch of a button. Email acknowledgement is sent as soon as the data are received. In cases where the practitioner does not have a scanner, the order can still be sent electronically when the foam box impression or cast is mailed to the laboratory. Once it arrives, it can be scanned and the results added into the order.

One of OrderManager’s strengths is its ability to allow practitioners to collect all the order details off-line and send them when on-line. This enables the system to be used when data has to be collected in remote locations where internet access is not possible.

At the laboratory, OrderManager allows staff to immediately see incoming orders, approve them and download the data to begin the design. The system can subsequently manage all manufacturing steps through to eventual dispatch, giving a ‘real-time’ view of total order status. OrderManager can be used with the full variety of manufacturing processes as it can easily be tailored to manage any laboratory’s individual process steps.

Each practitioner has access to view all their orders, from initial order acknowledgement through to eventual dispatch, to check their progress without needing to contact the laboratory, so saving time for both customer and supplier. Practitioners are notified automatically if any further information is required, and when the order has been dispatched so that they can then arrange an appointment with the patient.

The system has been designed to be extremely easy to use for both the practitioner and the laboratory staff thus minimising administration time whilst maximising feedback. All transactions are logged, providing complete traceability for every order.

"OrderManager can save time for both practitioners and laboratories,” claimed Chris Lawrie, Delcam’s Healthcare Business Development Manager. "This can increase productivity and profitability for both parties. Most importantly, it can improve the service to patients by allowing them to receive a better-fitting orthotic more quickly.”