Oct 5, 2011

Delcam thanks partners for success at EMO

Delcam rated the recent EMO exhibition, which was held in Hannover from 19th to 24th September, as its most successful metalworking exhibition in Germany. While the company had invested more in its stand than ever before, the key reason for its success was the association at the exhibition with more than 60 partners, including many of the world’s leading providers of machine tools, cutting tools and inspection equipment.

"Thanks to our technology partners, Delcam software was featured on far more stands than programs from any other CAM supplier,” claimed Delcam’s Advanced Manufacturing Product Manager, Mark Forth. "As well as reinforcing our position as the world’s leading CAM specialist, these demonstrations generated a steady stream of visitors to the Delcam stand.”

"In the build up to EMO, we worked closely with our partners to develop a range of demonstrations that highlighted the strengths of both the particular piece of equipment and the appropriate program from Delcam’s comprehensive range of CAM software,” added Mr. Forth. "These examples give visitors the confidence that our programs will work as well on the machine tool as they do on the computer.”

Another big attraction for the EMO visitors was the first chance to see the 2012 versions of Delcam’s range of CAM software; PowerMILL for high-speed and five-axis machining, FeatureCAM for feature-based programming, PartMaker for Swiss-type lathes, bar-fed mills and turn-mill equipment and Delcam for SolidWorks, the integrated system for the SolidWorks CAD program.

All of the Delcam software included developments to make the systems more powerful and easier to use, so helping users to increase productivity, reduce lead times and improve quality. "The continued improvements to our software provide constant proof that Delcam’s development team is not only the largest in the CAM industry but also the most productive,” claimed Mr. Forth.