Oct 12, 2011

CimatronE version 10 to be displayed at CMTS (Canada) & Fakuma (Germany)

CimatronE Mold Making Customers Gain Speed Just by Upgrading.

Cimatron Limited (NASDAQ and TASE: CIMT) today announced that its latest version of CimatronE includes a large selection of enhancements for mold makers. These will be on display next week at trade shows CMTS (Canada) and Fakuma (Germany).

"CimatronE 10 surpasses all previous versions, offering significantly faster mold design and manufacturing capabilities, while increasing quality," said Ira Bareket, Cimatron's VP Sales and Marketing. "Current customers are expected to shorten delivery times by 10-25% just by upgrading."

The most significant MoldDesign enhancements include:

Enhanced analysis to quickly establish parting directions and the parting line, as well as locate areas where sliders and lifters are needed.
Increased ability to use hybrid solid operations to create shutoff and runoff surfaces -saves hours of modeling time.
New analysis tools to verify design of shutoff and runoff surfaces - in order to find and fix design flaws at a very early stage.
New Lifter applicative tool that uses commercial or user-designed catalog parts to automatically create any type of lifter, no matter how complex. Pockets are also automatically created in the relevant mold plates.
New Insert applicative tool that creates multiple inserts simultaneously. Pockets are also created automatically in the relevant mold plates.
New Early Machining capabilities - users can start manufacturing (milling, drilling, electrode and wire EDM core, cavity and other components) on the first day of design, dramatically shortening overall delivery times.
Improved analysis capabilities for detection of changes and more options for automatically applying ECOs and other changes.
Improved analysis for solid repair. Although CimatronE works very well with open or non-stitched geometry, stitching can increase the benefit of automated tools.

Enhancements to NC Programming include:

Background Toolpath Calculations - users can continue normal work on a project while the computer continues calculations in the background.
Higher quality toolpaths for Second Rough operations - leads to more efficient material removal and shorter overall machining times.
A new Finishing strategy and increased user control over existing finish strategies - achieves higher surface quality.
A new Cutter Library - offers a better organized, more convenient work environment, as well as the ability to create strong, centralized libraries.

The release of CimatronE 10 also introduces a new product, the patent pending CimatronE SuperBox. The SuperBox is a toolpath off-loading and processing acceleration device that dramatically shortens NC programming time. It is reported to have saved users 85% of programming time.

In addition to enhancements to the integrated Mold Making solution, CimatronE 10 also includes powerful enhancements to the integrated Die Making Solution and the 5-Axis solution for discrete part manufacturing.

The Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS) will be held from October 17-20, in Toronto. Cimatron booth number: 2931.

Fakuma will be held from October 18-22, in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Cimatron booth number: A5-5206.