Oct 10, 2011

BlueCielo Showcases ECM Evolution in the Danish Market

40 delegates from major companies based in Denmark and Sweden, including Leo Pharma, Coloplast, Thermo Fisher and a major public hospital, gathered together at BlueCielo’s annual event to discuss the latest developments in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software.

The day-long event, jointly hosted with Finnish data management company Cad-Q, was held at Europe's longest suspension bridge, Storebæltsbroen in Denmark. The bridge was built and operated by traffic facilities management company, Sund og Bælt, who sponsored the meeting.
The event showcased debates, customer participation, best practice sharing, technical demonstrations and reviews of the BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise suite of solutions. BlueCielo revealed insights about the company’s forthcoming developments, including improvements to its popular asset information management solution, Meridian, and enhancements to the software by Cad-Q in the Danish and Scandinavian markets.

Edwin van Dijk, Director of Product Management at BlueCielo in the Netherlands gave an insightful presentation on increasing control and enhancing opportunities in ECM. Experts and customers from BlueCielo Netherlands participated in the session, which focused on new features and the future evolution of BlueCielo’s Meridian Enterprise products in the coming years. The session also sparked good discussion on topics such as enhancing joint working among geographically dispersed teams.

During this popular session, van Dijk announced that work is underway on further integration with a number of other industrial applications, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Microsoft solutions and AutoCAD programs.

"We plan to focus on the development of hosted solutions such as the forthcoming U.S. Food and Drink Administration (FDA) module in the next version of Meridian, to be released next year,” Edwin van Dijk told delegates. “This includes document management [software] aimed at the food and pharmaceutical industries to meet U.S. authority legal obligations. We will also continue to develop tailored modules targeted at other sectors' needs,” he explained. van Dijk completed the session with an overview of BlueCielo’s Lifecycle Management, illustrated with examples of its application to products, production processes and production plants.

Event host Sund og Bælt told delegates their story: meeting the challenge of handling the enormous amount of documentation it holds on historical construction sites. The company has some 300,000 documents and 900,000 files held in a total of 14 vaults – that’s the equivalent of a 210 metre high stack of documents, as tall as the pylons that support Storebæltsbroen bridge!

With the implementation of BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise, it became possible to overcome the obstacle of managing this huge data load, despite a large workforce and a complex interaction organisational structure.

Sund og Bælt’s Kurt Lauring explained the benefits of using BlueCielo’s Meridian Enterprise software in tandem with operation and maintenance system Maximo Utility Link, which provides quality assurance: “As a result of using Meridian, Sund og Bælt can be sure of a coherent and robust system based on standard software which has proven absolutely vital for our day-to-day operations.”

Ground-breaking fieldwork tool launched

Kurt Lauring also unveiled an exciting new project of Sund og Bælt at the event. La Niña Digital Markup System (DMS) allows handwritten notes and drawings made on printed technical drawings to be added automatically to original CAD, Word and PDF files.
Using an intelligent stylus pen along with the software, La Niña DMS is a smart solution designed to provide unprecedented opportunities for fieldwork using Autocad and Meridian.

Reining in data on historical buildings

Organisation Femern Belt A/S, which is responsible for the construction of the 20 kilometre underwater tunnel between Danish island Zealand and Germany, discussed the lessons they had learned from Sund og Bælt’s experiences of document management using BlueCielo solutions.

In future, the organisation plans to use BlueCielo Meridian Enterprsie as their document management tool for handling extensive data on historic buildings, Femern Bælt A/S Administrative Co-ordinator Klaus Grand told delegates.