Oct 5, 2011

Bentley Systems Receives 2011 Oracle® Spatial Excellence Award for Partnership

Company Is Recognized for its Long-Term, Broad Support of Oracle Spatial in its Geospatial Desktop and Server Products.

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, today announced that it has received the 2011 Oracle® Spatial Excellence Award for Partnership. The award recognizes Bentley’s long-term, broad support of Oracle Spatial in its extensive portfolio of geospatial desktop and server products, including Bentley Map, Bentley Electric, Bentley Fiber, Bentley Water, Bentley Gas, Bentley Geo Web Publisher, and Bentley Geospatial Server. Bentley is a Gold level member in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

This acknowledgement by Oracle underscores Bentley’s commitment to advancing geographic information systems (GIS) for infrastructure through initiatives that enhance interoperability, including support of industry and de facto standards. Being a “good citizen” of Oracle Spatial streamlines users’ workflows, ensures data integrity, and helps users align with their enterprise IT strategies when Oracle is one of their preferred vendors.

Jim Steiner, Vice President, Product Management Server Technologies, Oracle, said, “Bentley Systems has consistently developed and launched innovative geospatial products that leverage Oracle’s market-leading 3D spatial technologies. We are pleased to present the 2011 Oracle Spatial Excellence Award for Partnership to Bentley, a long-standing Oracle partner, for its impressive track record of innovation and the success we’ve achieved together with our users.”

Robert Mankowski, Bentley Vice President, Simulation Product Management, said, “Key components of Bentley’s geospatial strategy to advance GIS for infrastructure include empowering its users to employ Oracle Spatial data natively and extract the maximum value from it. We also make sure the data can be used across extended workflows and is easily accessed by industry-specific applications for the design and maintenance of infrastructure assets. These objectives continue to drive Bentley’s close and extensive work with Oracle – work that ensures Bentley users can harness the full power of Oracle Spatial 11g whether they are using our desktop or server products.”

Ron McLeroy, Technical Services Manager, Huntsville Utilities, said, “One of the primary reasons that Huntsville Utilities chose Bentley’s utility distribution design products was because they work natively with Oracle Spatial – our corporate standard database. This interoperability ensures high data quality, which in turn leads to shorter project cycles for the design of new electric, gas, and water utility infrastructure. By combining their use with ProjectWise or Bentley Geospatial Server, we can execute long transactions in Oracle Spatial, control workflows at the enterprise level, and have a robust audit trail if necessary. Additionally, we now have a common repository of facility data that we can leverage for other applications, such as outage management, engineering analysis, integration with our SAP products, and mobile field applications.”

With Bentley software, users can confidently create standard Oracle Spatial data and, without having to employ proprietary schemas, tables, or fields, benefit from the use of:

native 2D and 3D Oracle Spatial geometry data types,
standard metadata and comprehensive coordinate systems support of Oracle Spatial,
Oracle standard versioning (via Workspace Manager).

Jean Pellerin, Team Lead, Planning and Operations, Geomatics Department, City of Montreal, said, “Bentley products and Oracle Spatial have been used for many years at the City of Montreal. Integrating Bentley Geospatial Server and Oracle Spatial 10g is effortless and efficient. Moreover, using Bentley Geospatial Server we were able to inventory and centralize our existing information regarding municipal infrastructure in order to provide a valuable tool for city planners at all levels. The valuable database resides on Oracle Spatial 10g, and spatial and attribute data are now updated using Bentley Map.

“Because of Oracle Spatial’s stability, flexibility, and easy data sharing in a multi-user environment, the City of Montreal uses it as its central database. Interaction between Oracle Spatial and modeling applications such as WaterGEMS and other Bentley products, including Bentley Geospatial Server and Bentley Map, is user-friendly and flexible.”

Bentley users can access Oracle Spatial data by attaching or opening the data directly from Oracle Database 11g, or by importing the data from Oracle Database 11g. Moreover, teams working in the field can edit their Oracle Spatial data even when they are not directly connected to it.

Bentley software provides transaction modes that support both direct editing and disconnected editing in either optimistic or pessimistic locking modes. With Bentley Map Enterprise or Bentley Geospatial Server, this support is elevated to include multi-user editing with audit trails providing:

short transactions without edit conflicts,
long transactions with or without edit conflicts,
history and valid time support.

Data types supported by Bentley’s geospatial desktop and server products include geometry, topology, coordinate systems, text and feature-linked text, coded domains, Oracle Spatial 11g 3D (e.g., buildings, utilities, roads), and Oracle Spatial GeoRaster.