Oct 12, 2011

4D Technologies' CADLearning Plug-in for AutoCAD 2012 Now Available in the AutoCAD App Store

The plug-in is an affordable learning and productivity tool that offers just-in-time training based on user tasks and commands within AutoCAD 2012.

4D Technologies, a leading Autodesk Authorized Publisher specializing in self-paced learning for CAD and BIM software, announced today the release of the CADLearning Plug-in for AutoCAD 2012 in the AutoCAD App Store on Autodesk Exchange. The new AutoCAD plug-in from 4D Technologies features just-in-time learning through a CADLearning palette that presents links to video tutorials based on tasks being performed inside AutoCAD.

“With instant access to more than 600 AutoCAD tutorials from within the AutoCAD 2012 user interface, users are provided with an adaptive learning and help system that is immediate and relevant,” said Matt Murphy. “This is an intuitive application that provides an innovative approach to learning AutoCAD software. With the ability to access videos directly related to the tasks and commands that you perform in AutoCAD, you can learn what you need to know and get back to your design quickly.” Murphy is the Director of Content Management and Development for 4D Technologies and has over 25 years of experience with AutoCAD and the Autodesk industry.

The CADLearning Plug-in for AutoCAD 2012 is now available for individuals to download directly from the Autodesk Exchange Apps Tab, which offers an online marketplace where users can purchase, sell and rate apps from within AutoCAD 2012. The Apps Tab can be found on the AutoCAD Exchange landing page that launches when AutoCAD 2012 is first opened and can also be accessed through the AutoCAD ribbon. AutoCAD 2012 users can download the new CADLearning Plug-in product and signup for a 30-day free trial or get unlimited lifetime access to the video content for an introductory price of $4.99.

To learn more, visit http://www.cadlearning.com or go directly to the AutoCAD App Store on Autodesk Exchange through AutoCAD 2012.