Sep 28, 2011

Turbomeca selects nCode Automation software

nCode Automation to bring productivity benefits to helicopter engine testing.

Turbomeca, which specializes in the design, production, sale and support of gas power turbine for small and medium helicopters, has selected nCode software - a leading brand of durability, test and analysis products by HBM - to ensure the storage, management, analysis and traceability of thousands of measurement channels of test data.

nCode Automation 7 software is especially suited for applications where large amounts of data are generated, for example, in the aerospace industry from test rigs or flight tests. nCode Automation is a unique engineering software that centralizes, secures, manages and analyzes all the data from a central server. Based on secure web technology, nCode Automation provides direct access to data, analysis and reports to all departments, sites and project partners through a web browser on a computer or mobile device.

The combination of security, data management and analysis on a central server available in nCode Automation was particularly appealing to Turbomeca. nCode Automation has the ability to automatically process thousands of records from multiple data acquisition units with hundreds of measurement channels. It also offers greater security and traceability for data and analysis. "All these reasons led us to choose nCode Automation software” says Jean-Claude Moussion, scientific IT manager from Technical Direction.

Productivity, however, is not the only advantage of using nCode Automation - it also has an intuitive interface that allows for quick software adoption.