Sep 26, 2011

Transoft Solutions Releases InVision 2.0 for Vehicle Simulation Presentations in 3D

Transoft Solutions, developers of industry leading software for the global engineering and architectural communities, has recently released InVision 2.0. InVision allows users to share design concepts visually in a presentation format with multiple vehicle simulations that can be exported to video files providing a more realistic view. InVision 2.0 now supports AutoTURN Pro 3D, TORUS Roundabout and NEXUS Intersection software vehicle animations with high definition, realistic 3D vehicle models on full terrain models in a 3D environment.

"This new version is very exciting to use. Engineers and planners will be able to simulate the driver’s eye view with a mobile camera and create panoramic, aerial and flyby views using the custom camera options." said Michael Frost, Product Manager for Transoft Solutions. "The new features for this version of InVision make it even more impressive software for presentations and demonstrations. This will definitely give the presenter the advantage to stand out from the usual 2D display."

InVision 2.0 gives users the ability to animate, coordinate, and sequence multiple vehicle simulations around roadways, intersections, and roundabouts; then export them to common video files for visual design confirmation and presentations for stakeholder review and approval.

InVision 2.0 new features and compatibility include the following:

Support for multiple rendering options (Wireframe, Shaded, and Realistic) for display.
Use high definition, realistic 3D vehicle models and animations on full 3D terrains.
Multiple viewing options for 3D animation: define custom static or mobile cameras, simulate driver eye view with mobile camera, simulate traffic camera with static camera, create panoramic, aerial or flyby views using custom camera and dynamically switch between views in the animation.
Convert AutoTURN 8.0, AutoTURN Pro 3D, TORUS, and NEXUS vehicle movement simulations into animations and combine into one. Save and edit animations in the drawing.
Ability to import and export key data such as driver’s eye location, key camera locations.

For more information about InVision 2.0, visit www.transoftsolutions.com and register to download a free demo version.