Sep 2, 2011

solidThinking Offers Designers a Sneak Peek of Its Upcoming Release at the 2011 IDSA International Conference, Sept. 14-17 in New Orleans

Concept design software developer solidThinking, Inc. will offer designers a sneak preview of the new tools that will be available in solidThinking Version 9 when the company demonstrates its software at the 2011 Industrial Designers Society of America International Conference Sept. 14-17 at booth 20 of the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans.

Designers attending the conference will have the opportunity to “test drive” some of the advanced capabilities that will be incorporated into the next version of solidThinking, which is scheduled to be released in late 2011. In addition, they will be able to participate in a demonstration of solidThinking 8.5 and solidThinking 8.5 Inspired, which incorporate hundreds of improvements, enhancements and updates from previous versions, based on user feedback, to make the development of digital 3D designs even more intuitive and flexible.

Current solidThinking design tools also have been displayed across the nation this year at regional IDSA conferences, enabling solidThinking product specialists to gather more firsthand reactions from the user base and to share new approaches to design. That experience will be incorporated into the next version of solidThinking.

“IDSA is an important element in our development process, because it enables us to gain wide-ranging user feedback while demonstrating our latest tools to those who rely on solidThinking for designing everything from accessories to product packaging to furniture and architecture,” said Jim Hassberger, Vice President of Business Development, solidThinking, Inc. “This year at IDSA, in line with the conference theme of ‘power in community,’ designers not only have the chance to work with our most current version of solidThinking but, for the first time, to preview features of an upcoming version and offer a direct hand in its development.”

solidThinking’s NURBS-based design software offers conceptual modeling, high-quality visualization tools and fast real-time photorealistic rendering for design presentation. Its best-in-class ConstructionTree™ technology allows designers to experiment with designs without having to start from scratch if they change their minds. solidThinking is available on Mac and Windows operating systems and is compatible with leading CAD/CAID/CAE software, encouraging enhanced collaboration and productivity between industrial designers and engineers during the product development cycle.

solidThinking is a subsidiary of Altair Engineering, Inc., a leader in simulation, predictive analytics and optimization, leveraging high-performance computing for engineering and business decision-making. solidThinking is now also available as part of Altair’s HyperWorks computer-aided engineering (CAE) software suite and can be accessed by HyperWorks customers using their existing license units.