Sep 7, 2011

SolidCAM to Launch VERICUT Interface in Hannover

SolidCAM will be launching its new interface with VERICUT, the world’s number 1 toolpath simulation software, at the EMO show in Hannover in Hall 25, Stand J08. SolidCAM is renowned for the quality of its CADCAM system, and will also be showing its new iMachining intelligent roughing routines, which can reduce cycle times by up to 70% by producing highly efficient toolpaths, which utilize the full depth of the cutter in one pass. The new VERICUT implementation provides a valuable extension to SolidCAM’s existing internal toolpath verification by proving out the actual G-codes, used to drive the CNC machine.

The tools, fixtures and stock material created in SolidCAM are seamlessly transferred into VERICUT, which is automatically set up in the correct orientation and coordinate system to allow simulation to start immediately. The sophisticated verification even tests canned cycles and subprograms generated by SolidCAM for a specific machine tool. Both the kinematics and CNC control of each machine tool are accurately modeled and defined inside VERICUT, ensuring the checks mirror the exact behavior of the CNC machine, eliminating the need for on machine CNC program try outs, and the possibility of a costly collision by checking the actual code to be used by the machine control system.

The new interface also supports VERICUT’s multiple setup functionality. This allows a series of CNC programs, which are to be used on one or more machines, to be verified as each stage of the part is completed, checking the CNC program for the semi-finished part as it moves from one operation to the next.

John Reed from CGTech says, “We are delighted that SolidCAM has added a VERICUT interface to its product line up, and we anticipate it will be a valuable software partner.” Emil Somekh of SolidCAM says, “By adding the VERICUT interface to our portfolio, we will be able to expand our penetration in many high technology markets including oil and gas, aerospace, automotive and power generation.”