Sep 27, 2011

Schott Systeme GmbH Completes a Successful EMO Exhibition

German CAD/CAM software developer Schott Systeme GmbH has recorded one of their most successfully EMO exhibitions to date. Increased interest in the company’s CAD, CAM and IT software was helped by Schott Systeme’s continuation of their ‘Transparent Pricing’ policy of not charging for yearly software maintenance, while at the same time maintaining a product price freeze for the 14th consecutive year. Visitors to their stand were presented with live demonstrations covering the latest developments in integrated hybrid CAD design, 2.5D through to 5 axis milling, professional engraving, as well as turning and wire cutting. In addition, a number of brand new machining strategies for 2011 were also displayed live on CNC machinery located on the Schott Systeme stand. This machinery included one of the smallest 5 axis simultaneous dental milling machines (DWX-50) from Roland DG Germany GmbH, and to help promote CNC machining within education, the iModela, the smallest 3 axis milling machine at the EMO, with a milling area of only 75x50x20mm.

To see the 5 axis dental machining in action visit - http://www.schott-systeme.com/index.php/en/cad-cam-videos/86-cam-software-video-dental-machining.html

SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH is a German software company that has for over 25 years, successfully developed and marketed a wide range of product families for graphic and design, CAD and construction, product presentation and documentation, computer aided manufacture and numerous specialist applications.