Sep 7, 2011

SAP to Acquire 3-D Visualization Software Maker Right Hemisphere

SAP AG will acquire Right Hemisphere, a leading provider of visual enterprise solutions based in San Ramon, California, and Auckland, New Zealand. The 3-D model-based visualization and communications technologies from Right Hemisphere will enhance SAP® software and enable visual navigation and interrogation of an entire product or asset and all its associated data in one, unified environment.

The addition of visualization capabilities to the core product offerings from SAP stands to help customers across diverse industries accelerate time to market, increase people and asset productivity and improve information quality and processes across all lines of businesses. This acquisition is consistent with SAP’s strategy to complement existing applications and solutions with innovative technologies and capabilities while maintaining its successful track record of organic growth. The companies already share numerous joint customers that are already seeing benefits of the combination of enterprise software and 3-D visualization.

“We are very excited to be part of SAP,” said Michael Lynch, CEO, Right Hemisphere. “The combination of SAP’s vast set of business information and Right Hemisphere’s visualization capabilities will change the way businesses of any size create, manage and deliver products and services across their enterprise and their supply chain.”

“Right Hemisphere technology empowers customers to visualize business processes from design to manufacturing through sales, operations and service, helping people to easily cooperate and communicate using the most powerful human sense — vision,” said Peter Maier, general manager and head of Line of Business Solutions, SAP AG. “By bringing 3-D to the enterprise and enriching it with business data, we’re setting a new standard in helping companies achieve more efficiency, accuracy and flexibility across the value chain.”

SAP customers will get tangible benefits from the acquisition of Right Hemisphere that will help them unify, synchronize and deliver visual product and business information to improve global product development, launch and support processes.

Increase Decision-Making Speed Across Lines of Business

Enterprise visualization technology from Right Hemisphere will enhance industry-leading SAP® Business Suite software to deliver animated views of products and assets, helping development, manufacturing and service personnel to easily design, assemble and service complex products and assets. New solutions resulting from the combination of SAP and Right Hemisphere will increase the speed of decision-making across all lines of business by providing instant access to contextual and reliable visual information such as design collaboration, assembly instructions or up-to-date service procedures and manuals.

Immediate Access to Visual Information Boosts Productivity

The abundance and continuous expansion of information requires new ways of navigating and visualizing business data. The combination of Right Hemisphere’s visualization technology with critical data used by SAP Business Suite applications will support users in making accurate and fact-based decisions. In addition, intuitive visual access to a variety of associated information — such as price-per-part, stock availability, quality reports or manufacturing cycle times — will enhance overall productivity across multiple departments and processes in the enterprise.

Visual Information Improves Product Quality

Visual communication is particularly useful for companies that rely on a network of partners, such as suppliers and customers, for product innovation, manufacturing and service delivery. With integrated visualization of products and processes, design and process changes can be communicated immediately across an extended team. Instead of relying on static images, Right Hemisphere and SAP will provide companies an intuitive visual format, giving all workers across geographies complete, up-to-date visual assembly and maintenance instructions and variant simulations, resulting in fewer errors and delays.

Mobility Delivers Speed, Productivity and Quality Anywhere it is Needed

To further drive innovation for customers, SAP intends to integrate the enterprise visualization technology assets from Right Hemisphere into its mobile technologies, allowing business users to access timely visual images of products on a variety of mobile devices. Employees will be able to make process and procedural adjustments on the fly, and sales and customer relations teams will be able to provide their customers with a photo-realistic visualization of the final product from any location, allowing them to give feedback before the product is delivered.