Sep 2, 2011

ParaCloud Extends GEM with a New Powerful Component System A new release of ParaCloud GEM is available online

ParaCloud has announced the release of ParaCloud GEM (5) Elements Edition. The new release includes a whole new components population system allowing for better control over the scaling, positioning and orientation of components.

With GEM 5 you can create batch population, using predefined pattern maps, and applying different population methods. ParaCloud GEM integrates with most popular CAD software, on Windows and Mac OSX.

Simple to Use: If you are a designer, and not a computation geek, GEM is for you. With GEM you can create generative parametric modeling with no need for scripting or Spaghetti Wiring. Complexity was never so simple.

More Control: ParaCloud GEM provides advanced control over the design model. Users can edit the design meshes to the level of an individual face or sets created with smart mapping tools. ParaCloud GEM provides smart tools to manage offsets, buildups, parametric transformations and components proliferations.
Performative Intentions: ParaCloud GEM provide tools for exploring expected performative aspects of your design. Specify point of interests and relationships to explore variations of the design mesh and components. Explore more alternatives in less time.

Quick Results: With ParaCloud GEM it takes a few minutes to set up a generative process that will take hours when resorting to Scripting or modeling with other Generative Tools.

3D Printable Output: ParaCloud GEM can generate 3D printable output and includes unfold layout tools for placing the components of your model in the fabrication plane. GEM makes it easy to document the components for shop drawings. ParaCloud GEM supports multi-layered materials for designing digital materials.