Sep 6, 2011

OPEN MIND Presents Powerful hyperMILL® CAM Solution at Turbo Symposium

OPEN MIND Technologies will present hyperMILL® CAM software with dedicated solutions for multi-blade and single-blade components at the Turbo Symposium in Houston from September 13-15. OPEN MIND’s unique solutions for this market are perfectly positioned for OEMs, after-market and repair shops, and general job shops.

hyperMILL provides a set of dedicated tool path cycles for all of the necessary steps to produce various multi-blade components, including compressors, turbines, pumps and blisks. There is a similar set of routines for single-blade machining of parts such as gas turbine and steam turbine components. The methods include dedicated user interface to simplify learning, and automated and high performance calculation routines that take advantage of typical characteristics with these part families. Examples of these calculations are high efficiency roughing tool paths and robust collision detection.

And hyperMILL has all of the benefits found in general CAD/CAM systems including handling of many file format types, modern and structured programming interface, graphical feedback to support the user and coach them toward appropriate selections, stock tracking to reduce air times, as well as a broad foundation of 2-axis through 5-axis, and mill-turn cutting cycles that support the approaches for machining the aerodynamic surfaces, or the adjoining mechanical surfaces. OPEN MIND solutions are further supported by in-house developed postprocessors that are customized for the unique aspects of each machine and controller, including advanced functions such as tool center point management and tilted workplane definitions.

“Our team has experience with many turbomachinery projects and have achieved high value results for our customers. The worldwide local service, and direct connection from customer to field engineers to the development team has helped build this product application to meet the needs of the industry sector”, states Alan Levine, Managing Direcgtor of OPEN MIND Technologies USA, Inc.