Sep 26, 2011

Objet Makes Recently Released New Materials Available in More Territories and on More 3D Printers

Objet ABS-like Digital Material now available on all Connex 3D Printers; Objet Clear Transparent Material now available on all Objet Connex and Eden 3D Printers; Objet all-round VeroWhitePlus general purpose material now available worldwide.

Objet Ltd announced today that the 3D printing materials it released in the first half of 2011 are now available on additional Objet 3D printing platforms and in more territories.

Objet VeroWhitePlus a new rigid white material with enhanced dimensional stability is now available worldwide for all Objet 3D printers. Objet VeroClear, a new rigid, water-clear transparent material is now available for all Objet Eden and Connex 3D printers. Finally, Objet ABS-like Digital Material (RGD5160-DM), a composite material for simulating ABS-grade engineering plastics is now available for all Objet Connex 3D printers, including the new compact, multi-material Objet260 Connex.

The ABS-like Digital Material was recently used to print a fully-functioning skateboard deck and a folding stool sitting 48 cm (19 inches) off the ground and able to sustain over 100kg in weight.

Commenting on the new material availability, Zehavit Reisin, Head of Consumables Line of Business at Objet said, “By widening our material availability to additional platforms and regions we are constantly enhancing the prototyping capabilities for all our customers on all our platforms, both new and old.”

With the new materials introduced in the first half of 2011, the number of Objet 3D printing materials is brought to a total of 65, including 51 composite materials (Digital Materials). Objet 3D printing materials are suitable for a wide range of rapid prototyping purposes, from realistic product visualization all the way to advanced functional verification.