Sep 7, 2011

Munsys, Inc. announces the release of Munsys® 10.4 providing support for AutoCAD® 2012 platforms

Munsys, Inc. today announced the release of Munsys® 10.4 providing 32bit and 64bit compatibility with the AutoCAD® 2012 products, Oracle® 11g Release 2 and Windows® 7.

This point release of Munsys includes an improved attribute data browser with support for both attribute and spatial filters while browsing database records and graphic data. Other user requested updates added to the standard menus include linear trace functionality (using the drawing or database records), Munsys Google tools and replace geometry functions which keep an existing object’s attributes.

“This new release of Munsys demonstrates the continued value Munsys provides and our ongoing priority on customer feedback,” says Colin Hobson, Director, Munsys, Inc.

Munsys customers with up to date Software Update Subscriptions (SUS) can download Munsys 10.4 from the member’s section at www.munsys.com.

The Munsys solutions include a central database design with pre-defined Oracle Spatial data models and integrated applications for the management of water, sewer, drainage, cadastral, roads and electricity infrastructure. AutoCAD design products are utilized for spatial data creation and editing. Traditional GIS software and other databases are easily integrated using OpenGIS technologies.