Sep 26, 2011

Materialise Dental releases DentalPlanit 2.0

DentalPlanit® is a global online treatment planning space where dental professionals manage cases with referral partners, service providers and experts. Upon free registration at www.dentalplanit.com, clinicians can benefit from PlanAssist – providing tailored treatment planning services upon request.

PlanAssist brings dentists a consistent approach for simple and more complex implant cases, limiting in-surgery decision-making and risks associated with dental implants. Added benefits include transparent pricing, a predictable restoration and a healthier treatment budget via reduced implant stock and lab work.

With the PlanAssist proposal, the dentist knows what implants a patient needs, how many and where exactly. Without a doubt the best possible start for a dentist to restore each individual case in a profitable manner. The dentist receives a 3D plan provided in the market-leading SimPlant® software format and the 3D plan allows the dentist or surgeon to order the most accurate SurgiGuide® drill guide to perform the surgery.

A PlanAssist proposal assists the dentist

In achieving predictable results in line with the patient’s expectations
In efficiently selecting those cases that can be treated in his/her practice’s comfort zone – which results in lower costs, shorter treatment, convenience to the patient and the best treatment outcome possible
In giving him/her insight in where the treatment is heading, in case of referral

After creating a DentalPlanit® user account, clinicians have instant access to the PlanAssist service. Registration is free at www.dentalplanit.com.