Sep 2, 2011

LMS Imagine.Lab powers international ESTOMAD research project

Unique simulation software platform selected for energy efficient machine development.

LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim was recently selected as the simulation platform for the entire ESTOMAD (Energy Software Tools for Sustainable Machine Design) research project, a project aimed at creating a machine development process that includes energy efficiency among the design parameters. LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim was chosen due to its unique capability to model, simulate and analyze the various physical domains that characterize a machine’s subsystems. The ESTOMAD outcome will allow machine manufacturers to consider both functional performance aspects (as improved workflow, increased production rate or noise and vibration reduction) and non-functional energy efficiency aspects, simultaneously, in the same environment.

“Energy efficiency is becoming an important differentiator on the industrial market. All types of manufacturers are starting to take energy efficiency features into account during their design process. With this project, LMS can help them uncover where energy is wasted and subsequently make the right design adaptations,” commented Stefaan Goossens, Vice-President Simulation, LMS International.

The LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim-based ESTOMAD project aims at creating a machine design methodology that embeds additional capacities to model, simulate and analyze the energy flows in the machines, enhancing existing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools for functional machine modeling.

Besides LMS International, various other partners are co-operating on the ESTOMAD project including: Flanders Mechatronics’ Technology Centre, Picanol, JOBS, EC Engineering, CNR-Institute of Industrial Technologies and Automation, Katholieke Unversiteit Leuven and FIDIA.