Sep 2, 2011

ICAM Opens Office in Shanghai China

ICAM Technologies Corporation announces that it has opened an office in Shanghai, China to provide local Chinese manufacturers serving primarily the aerospace and automotive industries with advanced ICAM NC post-processors, machining simulation and technical support services.

As the largest manufacturing resource center in the world, China has embraced advanced manufacturing technologies that include multi-axis numerically controlled machines and CAD / CAM / PLM systems such as CATIA, SIEMENS NX and Pro-NC.

Through its facility in Shanghai and local resellers, ICAM will provide Integrated Post-processing, Simulation & Emulation (Integrated PSE) solutions to organizations serving growing industry sectors such as aerospace, automotive, energy and marine. ICAM’s Integrated PSE product suite provide these companies with a seamless link between the most widely used CAD / CAM / PLM systems and CNC machines.

ICAM’s product suite includes CAM-POST® for NC post-processor development with the option for integrated machine tool simulation using Virtual Machine®. ICAM also supports G-code verification driven with Control EmulatorTM inside Virtual Machine or CATIA.
ICAM’s customers benefit from dramatic improvements to CNC machine optimization, NC programmer productivity and manufacturing process efficiency. ICAM's unique technology and services provide its customers and industry partners with the competitive edge that their business operations and customers demand.

“China is the largest market for multi-axis CNC machines and NC manufacturing software,” says Jean-Nicolas Ruby, ICAM’s Director, China Business Unit & Strategic Marketing. “With a local presence in Shanghai, ICAM will efficiently provide integrated NC post-processing, G-Code verification products and support services allowing Chinese customers to dramatically improve the use of their CNC machines and manufacturing process.”