Sep 21, 2011

Geometric adds tolerance and material based checks to DFMPro

Geometric Limited has announced the release of version 3.1 of its automated design for manufacturability tool, DFMPro for Creo®. The new version provides additional checks addressing manufacturing requirements for assembly and injection molding.

“Designers working on part models need to ensure tolerance values are in accordance with the appropriate standard for meeting the manufacturing process requirements. Checking linear and angular part tolerance for each component is a tedious process”, said Sameer Kondejkar, Head, Geometry Technology Solutions group at Geometric. “The new tolerance check capability of DFMPro highlights the tolerance zone that violates the specifications. This helps to cut down number of unwanted finishing process during manufacturing, leading to reduction in the cost and time taken to produce the part”, he added.

In version 3.1, two new checks for injection molding have been included:

1. Sudden wall thickness variation check: Avoid sudden wall thickness variation in model design which results in improper material flow, non-uniform material distribution and uneven cooling during manufacturing process, leading to downstream quality problems like sink marks and voids.

2. Material specific thickness check: Ensure usage of right material for nominal wall thickness ranges while designing injection molding models. This feature also allows the user to easily add new material or edit range values.

DFMPro for Creo has more than 100 design checks built-in for injection molding, sheet metal, machining (milling, turning and drilling) and assembly processes. The standard checks in DFMPro are derived from various handbooks, design guidelines and global best practices.

To see a demonstration of these new additions, as well as the various features of DFMPro, visit: dfmpro.geometricglobal.com/DFMPro_demo/index.html