Sep 19, 2011

Extensible CAD Technologies Releases New Measurements and CMM Import Modules for InspectionXpert

New Modules Enable Users to Input Data From Most CMM Software Packages.

Extensible CAD Technologies announces the release of the new CMM Import and Measurements Modules for both InspectionXpert for PDF and InspectionXpert OnDemand automated quality inspection software. InspectionXpert enables users to automate the often error-prone process of manually ballooning 2D drawings and 3D CAD models and the creation of quality inspection forms.

InspectionXpert for PDF and InspectionXpert OnDemand enable users to identify and extract dimensions and tolerances from their PDF and TIF drawings. Dimensions and tolerances are identified with uniquely number inspection balloons and are then exported to Microsoft Excel inspection reports. Both products were recently released and are currently available.

The Measurements Module enables users to enter their actual measurements against the expected values that InspectionXpert extracts from their drawing. Dimensions are shaded in red or green -- both on the drawing and in the measurements table -- to show if they are in or out of tolerance.

"Users receive a visual indication, both on the drawing itself and on the measurements, of whether or not the measurements are within tolerance," says Jeff Cope, president of Extensible CAD Technologies. "This will be a critical tool in the inspector's quality toolbox to ensure that parts are within tolerance and to report on any deviations."

The CMM Import Module enables users to import measurement values from CMM reports and reconcile them with the expected values from the drawing to create a complete inspection report. "InspectionXpert's new CMM Import Module is unique in that we can import results from almost any CMM program," says Cope. "This will save inspectors hours of frustration, eliminating the need to do this manually, and is a natural progression for InspectionXpert towards providing capabilities for managing the inspection process from beginning to end."

Pricing: InspectionXpert for PDF single user license (pre-requisite): $1395; InspectionXpert for PDF annual maintenance / license (pre-requisite): $279; InspectionXpert for PDF Measurements module license (pre-requisite): $595; InspectionXpert for PDF Measurements module annual maintenance/ license (pre-requisite): $119; InspectionXpert for PDF CMM import module license: $1195; InspectionXpert for PDF CMM import module annual maintenance: $239.