Sep 1, 2011

Delcam PartMaker milling enhancements to be previewed across North America

Delcam’s PartMaker Division will preview the 2012 version of its CAM software for programming CNC mills, lathes, wire EDM, turn-mill centres and Swiss-type lathes, at four industry trade shows across North America during September and October. The new version, set for release in the fourth quarter of 2011, features a host of new functionality for the programming and simulation of horizontal and vertical machining centres including a new Kinematic Machining Simulation module for use with PartMaker Mill.

Other highlights of PartMaker 2012 include more powerful surface machining strategies, improved simulation for the latest breed of multi-axis turn-mill and Swiss-lathe machine architectures, and improved visualization during programming, as well as a host of additional productivity enhancements.

The trade shows are the IMX Manufacturing Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Canadian Machine Tool Show in Toronto, Canada, the Southtec Show in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Wisconsin Machine Tool Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. More details are available on http://www.partmaker.com/news/events.asp.

PartMaker’s Kinematic Machine Simulation module will provide a whole new level of realism and collision detection for the machining simulation of parts being manufactured on vertical and horizontal machining centres. This new module will simulate the full architecture of milling machines including work holding, rotary tables and tombstone fixtures.
The 2012 release will also feature a variety of new surface machining strategies including improved, more powerful roughing and finishing options. These new strategies will be based on the same machining algorithms as those found in PowerMILL, Delcam’s flagship CAM system for the manufacture of complex shapes. The new strategies are presented to the user in a manner consistent with PartMaker’s industry-leading ease of use.

"PartMaker 2012 further demonstrates the accelerated pace of development PartMaker has undergone since its acquisition by Delcam five years ago,” claimed PartMaker Division President Hanan Fishman. "Since joining Delcam, the functionality, capability and power of the PartMaker CAM software suite has grown massively and rapidly by taking advantage of Delcam’s extensive development resources. Delcam’s worldwide team of over 225 developers is the largest in the CAM software industry. Multi-axis milling functionality that has taken Delcam many, many man years to develop is being added to PartMaker at a rapid pace and reduced cost, which provides a major benefit to the product’s end users.”

"Today, the machining algorithms in PartMaker are among the most sophisticated in the industry, offering PartMaker users a great deal of power coupled with PartMaker’s hallmark ease of use, a combination simply not found in other CAM systems,” added Mr. Fishman.