Sep 16, 2011

Delcam announces more than 60 partner stands at EMO

Delcam will be working with more manufacturing partners than any other software supplier at the EMO World of Metalworking exhibition to be held in Hannover from 19th to 24th September. As befits its position as the world’s leading CAM specialist, the company will be promoting its machining and inspection software in association with more than 60 partners, including many of the world’s leading providers of machine tools, cutting tools and inspection equipment.

The majority of the partners support the use of Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system for high-speed and five-axis machining. From its traditional position as the primary system for mould and die manufacture, the software is now becoming recognised for its superiority in a wide range of prototyping and production machining applications, including aerospace structures, blades and blisks, and engine ports.

The new release of PowerMILL, to be launched at EMO, includes a number of new strategies, together with more general enhancements to make programming faster and machining more efficient with the best-possible surface finish. The most important of these new options is flowline machining. With flowline machining, the toolpath is divided between a pair of drive curves in a constant number of passes, rather than having a varying number of passes with a constant stepover. This approach gives a better surface finish on the part and minimises wear on the cutter and the machine tool.

A new version of the FeatureCAM feature-based CAM system will also be launched at EMO. FeatureCAM 2012 includes a range of enhancements that will enable faster and easier programming, and produce more efficient toolpaths to give greater machine productivity, in particular from further developments in the use of stock models.

Two new strategies are available – back boring and spiral roughing. Back boring allows more parts to be completed in a single set-up, with larger bores able to be produced on the reverse side of the part. Spiral roughing can be used instead of Z-level roughing. It uses a single continuous toolpath instead of a series of levels and so gives a smoother finish with no dwell marks.

Previews will be available of the 2012 release of Delcam’s PartMaker system for the programming of turn-mill equipment, bar-fed mills and Swiss-type lathes. Major highlights of PartMaker 2012 include a new module for the simulation of vertical and horizontal machining centres, improved simulation for the latest breed of multi-axis, turn-mill and Swiss-lathe machine architectures, more powerful surface machining strategies, and improved visualisation throughout programming, as well as a host of additional productivity enhancements.

PowerINSPECT, which will be shown by most of the leading metrology companies at the exhibition, is firmly established as the world’s leading hardware-independent inspection software. It is the preferred solution for all the leading manufacturers of inspection arms and is growing in popularity for conventional co-ordinate measuring machines and for On-Machine Verification.

"Companies looking to invest in CAM software are often worried whether the toolpaths generated will work as well on the machine tool as they do on the computer,” commented Delcam’s Advanced Manufacturing Product Manager, Mark Forth. "Thanks to our partners at EMO, we will be able to demonstrate the speed and quality that is possible with our software on a wide range of machines.”