Sep 28, 2011

CSC releases major Tedds updates for wind loading and RC design

During the last three months, leading structural software developer, CSC, has released a number of significant updates for its structural calculation software, Tedds. Engineers in Australia can now perform wind loading calculations to AS:1170.2-2011 and RC combined footing design to AS:3600-2009, as well as other RC elements such as beams, slabs, columns and walls to the latest code.

“CSC’s goal is to help engineers become more efficient in producing their everyday structural calculations through innovative software, timely updates, training and service”, comments Mark Roberts, CEO at CSC. “These latest updates to Tedds reinforce our commitment to the Australian market.”

The new functionality for designing to AS:1170.2-2011 enables structural engineers to easily calculate site and design wind speeds, as well as pressures around buildings. Calculating external and internal pressure coefficients has become significantly quicker and, using the Australian data tables within Tedds, engineers can now assess local wind conditions with ease.

The program’s versatility allows engineers to calculate aerodynamic shape factors for structures, such as hoardings, walls, roofs, canopies and car ports. The Tedds interface has also been improved so that it is easy to update calculations to reflect changes.

“Following client feedback, we’ve developed new functionality for producing integrated RC base design calculations to AS:3600-2009”, explains Roberts. “Engineers can now design bases with multiple columns on a single pad footing, and perform many load combinations with axial, wind and biaxial moments.”

The update for RC combined footing design also means engineers can instantly perform stability checks for uplift, sliding and overturning, and optimise base sizes with detailed bearing pressure checks easily.

“We will release a new Tedds version 14 in early November and all supported users will automatically receive this as part of their maintenance contract”, continues Roberts. “We’re committed to helping our Tedds users to get the best results and have recently launched new web-based training for engineers in Australia.”