Sep 15, 2011

Cimatron Reveals New Machining Strategies at EMO

Strategies Enable Increased Speed & Tool-Life.

Cimatron (NASDAQ and TASE: CIMT) announced today that it will demonstrate the recently released version of CimatronE- CimatronE 10 - at EMO Hannover 2011.

CimatronE is a CAD/CAM software solution for mold, tool and die makers as well as manufacturers of discrete parts. CimatronE 10, includes enhancements to all aspects of the solution. Enhancements to machining strategies enable users to achieve a higher surface quality, shorter machining times and longer tool life.

CimatronE 10 offers a new Helical Milling strategy, which is especially useful for milling all around steep cavities or cores, especially in electrodes. Helical Milling offers considerable surface quality advantages, providing a continuous toolpath with only one entry and exit point.

Tool makers will also achieve a higher surface quality with new improvements to CimatronE's touch of a button 5-Axis Tilting strategy, which now automatically creates smoother machine motions that also ensure a longer tool life. The Tilting strategy offers easy-to-program simultaneous milling, which is especially suitable for robust machining of parts with deep cavities, narrow ribs and tiny corner radiuses, using shorter and more rigid tools to achieve the best surface quality and reduce machining time.

CimatronE 10 also offers a new, easy-to-program 5-Axis Swarf Milling strategy for ruled surfaces (surfaces defined by a line driven along two curves). This is the second of two swarf milling strategies available in CimatronE; swarfing increases surface smoothness and shortens machining time by cutting with the side of the tool, rather than with the tip.

The Background Calculations capability, which allows users to continue working on a project as usual while toolpath calculations are processed in the background, will also be demonstrated at EMO. To further shorten NC programming time, Cimatron offers the patent pending SuperBox, a combined hardware/software device that greatly reduces the load on individual workstations, while increasing NC calculation speed to instantly boost NC productivity.

EMO will take place in Hannover on September 19-24, 2011. Cimatron GmbH will display CimatronE and GibbsCAM, Cimatron's software for production, in Hall 25, Stand H30.