Aug 3, 2011

SyncroFIT® 2011 Creates Digital Thread for Design-to-Manufacturing to Enable Assembly of High Quality Airframe Structures

VISTAGY software enables direct consumption of airframe engineering data for automated drilling and fastening and projection guided assembly systems.

VISTAGY, Inc., a leading provider of industry-specific engineering software and services, today announced the release of SyncroFIT® 2011, which enables airframe manufacturers to meet the challenges of model-based development with specific emphasis on implementing advanced manufacturing processes for airframe assembly. SyncroFIT improves the entire assembly process spanning the earliest stages of design through manufacturing planning, fabrication, inspection, and support. And it increases the efficiency and accuracy of airframe assembly development by enabling commercial 3D CAD users to fully define and manage fasteners, holes, joints, and interfaces between parts within complex assemblies.

The 2011 version of SyncroFIT delivers key new functionality for increasing productivity, eliminating error-induced engineering change orders, and enabling a seamless flow of airframe engineering data throughout the enterprise. The deployment of the software by Bombardier Aerospace provides evidence of the software’s ability to streamline the airframe development process. Specific benefits include:

Overcoming barriers to implementing a model-based design process -- SyncroFIT 2011 enables manufacturers to meet the demands of the aerospace industry as it adopts 3D model-based design (MBD) for assemblies with advanced 3D integration and visualization capabilities, including the ability to create customizable MBD formats.

Providing a concurrent approach to detail part and assembly design -- The new version enhances the airframe development process with improvements to the fastener layout capability. The fastener pattern utility now allows for the selection of part or tangent edges to drive fastener location placement based on associated design rules.

Facilitating more efficient management of standard parts and specifications --SyncroFIT 2011 introduces a new database authoring application that allows for form-based input of data to quickly populate the fastener database. This version also enables a single database to be used across aircraft programs to eliminate the need for managing multiple databases while ensuring program approved standards are being applied.

Providing accountability for all drilling and fastening requirements -- Powerful enhancements to SyncroFIT 2011 provide traceability for all fastener and hole requirements over the lifecycle of the build process. New capabilities in SyncroFIT’s Airframe Manufacturing Environment™ (AME) include advanced consumption reporting and progressive assembly state visualization.

Streamlining consumption of engineering data for advanced manufacturing processes -- SyncroFIT 2011 enables a smooth transition of engineering data to the shop floor by providing interfaces to NC programming systems for automated drilling and fastening and assembly projection systems.

As a key component of the VISTAGY AeroSuite™, which also includes FiberSIM® for designing and manufacturing innovative, durable and lightweight composite structures, the Quality Planning Environment™ for developing plans to assess aerostructure quality, and VISTAGY professional services, SyncroFIT is helping manufacturers meet demanding schedule and cost targets while improving the overall quality of the final product. By transforming the 3D CAD system into an efficient airframe development system, SyncroFIT enables engineers to make better-informed decisions throughout the development process and quickly adapt to the inevitable changes that occur.

“The new capabilities in SyncroFIT 2011 enhance the digital thread from design-to-manufacturing, greatly facilitating the assembly of high quality airframes on schedule and on budget,” said Steve Peck, director of product and market strategy for VISTAGY. “By working closely with partners such as CGTech and Delta Sigma Corporation, SyncroFIT is now able to support the most advanced design and manufacturing processes available today, enabling our customers to meet their goals.”