Aug 23, 2011

SpaceClaim Strengthens Industrial 3D Direct Modeling and Expands into Manufacturing Production Environments

SpaceClaim, the market leader in direct modeling software that enables all engineers to work in 3D, today announced SpaceClaim Engineer 2011+, advancing concept modeling and model preparation tools while greatly enhancing robust manufacturing-focused capabilities. SpaceClaim has furthered its industrial-strength capabilities to scale from small engineering firms and job shops to global corporations, making it more affordable than ever for all engineers to create and edit CAD data without the complexity traditionally associated with complicated, expensive CAD.

SpaceClaim continues to gain momentum within the automobile and related industries with more than 20 customers ranging from top-tier brands to supply chain manufacturers. Auto Metal Craft is a sheet metal prototyping company based in Detroit and engaged by the largest automobile manufacturers, as well as tier-1 auto suppliers and appliance manufacturers. "We deal with very complex assemblies sent to us by our customers to create new parts," said Kevin Woody, Co-owner of Auto Metal Craft. "SpaceClaim has reduced our time to convert CAD files and create new prototypes by 75 percent. The software is easy and flexible, enabling us to work quickly, creatively, and accurately to optimize the final design."

The JT data format, developed by Siemens PLM Software, provides an open environment for 3D data visualization and collaboration. JT has been widely adopted within many manufacturing industries especially in the automotive sector. SpaceClaim Engineer 2011+ is unique in its ability to visualize and edit JT data with PMI, allowing any engineer to visualize large data sets, as well as open and edit precise part geometry. SpaceClaim multiplies the value of manufacturers' investments in JT by combining the ease of use of a simple viewer with the power of 3D solid modeling previously only available in complex CAD systems designed for dedicated CAD practitioners.

"SpaceClaim changed the landscape of the 3D CAD market when we introduced our 3D Direct Modeler in 2007. SpaceClaim was designed from the ground up to be intuitive, easy to learn and use, while being as robust and powerful as many costly and complex CAD software products," said Chris Randles, President and CEO of SpaceClaim. "In a market that had seen little innovation in more than a decade, SpaceClaim sparked a revolution that has seen most of the leading CAD vendors follow suit and introduce their own first-generation direct modeling solutions. SpaceClaim 2011+ is our eighth release in four years. We continue to invest aggressively in our technology, working with our customers and partners to exceed their needs in a highly competitive manufacturing marketplace. SpaceClaim is the clear leader in 3D Direct Modeling, and is the product in the market today against which new entrants should be measured."

SpaceClaim works closely with partner TRUMPF, a global machine tool manufacturer, to drive new sheet metal manufacturing capabilities. The new capabilities in SpaceClaim address a broad range of manufacturing applications including NC machining, jig and fixture design, mold manufacturing, and sheet metal manufacturing. The new features include:

-- Numerous modeling improvements, including fill patterns, a standardized hole wizard, clipping regions, and STL curve fitting.
-- Extended CAE, CAM, and IP protection model preparation tools for volume extraction, missing face detection, and face merging.
-- Groundbreaking sheet metal capabilities include double wall support, tabs, hinges, gussets, curve wrapping, and marking.
-- Improved ease of use and performance improvements with selection, view manipulation, and responsiveness.
-- Documentation features such as hole tables, bolt hole circles, offset cross sections, datum targets, and multi-model drawings.
-- Extended file operations and interoperability supporting JT PMI, 2D PDF, archival creation, AutoRecover, solid STL, and the ability to apply custom KeyShot materials.