Aug 30, 2011

SpaceClaim Announces Integration with Optimus

Continues Commitment to a Collaborative Environment for CAE Users Working with Multiple Software Tools for Analysis.

SpaceClaim, the market leader in direct modeling software that enables all engineers to work in 3D, and Noesis Solutions, renowned for the Optimus process integration and design optimization software, today announced that SpaceClaim Engineer has been integrated within Optimus. The integration component automatically extracts the model parameters from any product design made in SpaceClaim Engineer software. In Optimus, SpaceClaim users can then easily define and execute CAE processes that automatically drive any commercial and in-house simulation packages of choice. In addition to Optimus’ design optimization capabilities, they benefit from Taguchi techniques and other powerful design robustness and reliability optimization methods.

“We welcome the opportunity to work with the leader in 3D Direct Modeling,” said Hans Wynendaele, Noesis Solutions COO. “SpaceClaim is easy to learn and use for CAE model preparation, and it reinforces our efforts to provide the best environment for parametric simulation to help solve complex engineering challenges. The Optimus process integration and design optimization software platform delivers the best product in the shortest time possible while saving tremendously on engineering resources.”

Noesis Solutions and SpaceClaim both have very strong ties with Cybernet Systems. This leading CAE group owns Noesis Solutions’ flagship product Optimus and successfully resells SpaceClaim software in Japan.

This announcement comes on the heels of SpaceClaim releasing the eighth version of its software, SpaceClaim Engineer 2011+, which further reinforces the strength of the company’s 3D Direct Modeling software within manufacturing organizations, including pre-production concept design and model prep for analysis and manufacturing to full production manufacturing environments. You can see a list of all CAE packages that SpaceClaim integrates with on the SpaceClaim Interoperability webpage.

“SpaceClaim was created from the beginning for engineers to prepare models for analysis and simulation from multiple CAD files in any format,” said Rich Moore, Vice President of Business Development, SpaceClaim. “This integration with Optimus further extends SpaceClaim’s compatibility with CAE solutions for optimal collaboration and reduction of time to market.”