Aug 11, 2011

SAMTECH to release version 3 of SAMCEF for Wind Turbines

SAMTECH, a European leader in non-linear CAE simulation, structural optimization and coupled multiphysics, is pleased to announce the launch of the new commercial release 3 of SAMCEF for Wind Turbines, SAMTECH's professional product for advanced dynamic analysis and certification of Wind Turbines.

“In the frame of the organisation of the SAMTECH International Conference 2011 to be held in Li├Ęge (Belgium) on November 15th and 16th, 2011, we are very proud to announce two sessions dedicated to onshore and offshore wind turbines design innovation using S4WT”, explains Didier Granville, Chief Strategy Officer of SAMTECH. “Attendees from loads departments, transmission groups, component teams, integration programs are welcomed to attend the presentation of our worldwide S4WT users but also to exchange their experience with them.”

This new release of S4WT V3 is a real opportunity to position SAMTECH as the expert in integrated wind turbine design and analysis.

“The new features of S4WT V3 permit to analyze in depth innovative on- and offshore wind turbine concepts. All dynamic coupling effects, either of aero-elastic, hydrodynamic or structural dynamic nature, are fully accounted in S4WT. As a consequence, applications including innovative active control strategies, or future applications like floating offshore wind turbines, can be analyzed very efficiently in S4WT. Local workshops, like we will offer in Barcelona on 27th September, will allow to disseminate the latest advances in the dynamic analysis of wind turbines”, concludes Andreas Heege, Director of SAMTECH Iberica, the Wind Turbine Expertise Center of the SAMTECH Group.

Wind Energy is nowadays a booming industry and importance of simulation is growing in the global design process of wind turbines. SAMCEF for Wind Turbines (S4WT) is following this trend. Numerous new features were added in this new release, increasing both modeling possibilities and user friendliness.

New S4WT Desktop providing tabs corresponding to a step in the modeling process: model definition, functions, loadcases, analyses run...;
Loadcases definition according to IEC or GL norms instead of using design loadcases automatically generated using loops on key parameters;
Wind generator Turbsim (from NREL) now interfaced with S4WT;
Automatic analyses creation by converting and retrieving loadcases,
Use of assembly tables to easily include complex mechanisms in the global wind turbine model. Immediate benefit for the engineers who can easily interchange simplified wind turbine models with more detailed models including all relevant mechanisms;
Post processing features numerous enhancements, among which the automatic detection of ultimate loadcases.

Offshore features are now available in order to manage most concepts of offshore wind turbines:

Soil models for accounting the non-linear mechanics of the offshore foundation;
Offshore structures dynamically loaded through Buoyancy and hydrodynamic wave loads;
Interface with the external program Waveloads from Leibniz Universit├Ąt Hannover to support various alternatives for the wave spectrum definition;
Pre-defined parameterized models available in S4WT v3 for fixed offshore structures (jacket, tripod, monopile);
Management of floating wind turbines anchored by mooring lines to the seabed.

20 years experience in the modeling of large flexible machines and more than 10 years expertise in Wind Energy have been concretized into S4WT, SAMTECH's platform dedicated to Wind Turbine simulation. This expertise was built through partnerships with most of the major players in the Wind industry, among which ALSTOM, AREVA, REpower Systems AG, Eickhoff, Schaeffler, Owens Corning, Doosan Heavy Industry, Hyosung, Hyundai Rotem.