Aug 23, 2011

PreSys FE Modeling Now Available for NISA

PreSys Version 2010 R2 Released.

ETA, Inc has announced that it has made the user-friendly PreSys™ finite element modeling environment available to NISA users world-wide. This development allows NISA users to take advantage of its modern user interface, CAD interoperability, as well as its superb graphics capabilities.

A core solution for finite element analysis engineers, PreSys™ is a precise modeling tool which interfaces with popular CAD software products such as CATIA, Unigraphics, ProEngineer, Solidworks and AutoCAD; while also offering CAD-based finite element meshing capabilities. PreSys is highly customizable with its configurable toolbars and menus, providing NISA users more flexibility than ever before. Moreover, PreSys™ offers easy access to design data, enhanced post-processing capabilities and gives the user the ability to create and save insightful graphic and animation files.

NISA Mechanical is one of the most comprehensive engineering analysis software solutions available. It was created to address challenges in the Automotive, Aerospace, Energy & Power, Civil, Electronics and Sporting Goods industries. It offers 12 modules to address a variety of specific applications including heat transfer analysis, composite materials, computational fluid dynamics, electromagnetic analysis and several others. The NISA team provides excellent technical support and flexible purchase options.