Aug 18, 2011

PLMIG publishes the Path to PLM

The PLMIG announces that the Path to PLM has now been finalised, and is published as the Q2 2012 issue of the PLM Journal.

The Path to PLM methodology explains what to do to take a company from a starting point 'zero' to the launch of a functional PLM platform within a declared two-year timeframe. It is used in conjunction with the PLM Best Practice Library, which provides extensive material to show how to carry out the tasks involved.

The methodology enables any organisation from any industry to become fully aware of PLM, and to achieve a practical and effective first implementation within 2 years. It can be used by any company that decides: "We want to find out exactly how PLM can help our business, and implement an effective system by the quickest and most practical route."

The Path to PLM can also be used by companies that have already started out with PLM, but feel that progress has not been as good as expected. The methodology includes a "brownfield" process that steers the implementation onto a best-practice track within a similar timescale.

Both the Path to PLM and the PLM Best Practice Library have been generated as a result of the PLM Standardisation Initiative, and are part of the PLMIG membership material for 2011.

The PLM Interest Group is a global Group which brings together its members to work proactively to solve their PLM problems. It has previously run workshops that have produced the PLM Benchmarking Handbook; the PLM-SCM Guidebook; and the PLM Maturity Reference Manual.