Aug 25, 2011

PHSCAD Application Ported to Bricscad

Bricys India, in cooperation with Pipe Hangers & Supports Pvt. Ltd announces the successful porting of the PHSCAD application on the Bricscad platform.

Pipe Hangers & Supports Pvt Ltd. (PHSPL) [www.pipehangers.in], based in Chennai is India's leading manufacturer of spring hangers, pipe supports and accessories. Over the past 25 years, their products have been supplied to major power plants, refineries, nuclear installations & process industries in India and overseas.

Bricys India, in cooperation with PHSPL announces the successful porting of the PHSCAD application on the Bricscad platform. This was crucial to the endorsement of Bricscad as a viable CAD platform by PHSPL.

When Bricsys India (Coordinate Systems) suggested Bricscad as the alternative .DWG CAD platform for PHSPL, the first question that was asked was "Will PHSCAD work in Bricscad?." Today, we have made it happen.
PHSCAD is a comprehensive CAD application created by them for creating pipe supports, spring hangers, joints, fixtures and accessories. The entire design process of the company is captured in this software and automated using the PHSCAD application, which was running as an add-on application in AutoCAD.

PHSCAD also provides a vast library of structural steel fittings like angles, beams, channels etc conforming to various standards like Indian, BS, ASTM, JIS and European standards.

Bricscad offers 99%+ compatibility with AutoCAD at the API level. PHSCAD is an application written entirely in Lisp and there was no problem in ensuring that the same ran in Bricscad also. The whole effort of ensuring that the code loads in Bricscad, displays the same user-interface, and creates the same output took not more than a couple of days of testing.

Today, PHSCAD application runs in Bricscad just as fine as in AutoCAD and PHSPL use Bricscad alongside with AutoCAD.

"We purchased 2 licenses of Bricscad on a trial basis and our experience has been very good so far. Bricscad is able to work seamlessly with .DWG data created by itself as well created by AutoCAD. We have exchanged drawings with clients and contractors and there have been no problems. PHSCAD is offered free of cost to all our clients.

Going forward, I see a good possibility to lower CAD budget significantly by deploying Bricscad seats instead of AutoCAD. A Bricscad license is cost-effective, easier to justify and above all, we are happy with the personalized support provided by Bricsys India, represented by Coordinate Systems. The other advantage is that Bricscad is a fully enabled CAD platform, including the ability to run Lisp/VBA etc , unlike an AutoCAD LT. That makes it all the more attractive.", said Mr. M Rajagopal, Director, PHSPL.

Coordinate Systems in based in Bangalore, and has been in the business of CAD since 2004. It is a reseller for Bricsys products in India since 2008. Coordinate Systems is the developer of the GeoTools add-on software for Bricscad and has executed a large number of high-end CAD customizations for a number of clients world-wide.