Aug 23, 2011

OPEN MIND to showcase Automated programming with hyperMILL® at the EMO

OPEN MIND Technologies AG is to take part in the EMO trade fair under the tagline ‘Automated programming – Optimised processes’. The software development company will present the new functions of its CAM solution hyperMILL® 2011, demonstrating how more performance can be achieved in less programming time. hyperMILL® 2011 is based on automated programming and the clever utilisation of existing manufacturing know-how, by offering various functions that help you gain simple, user-friendly and time-saving workflows. New 5axis cycles as well as shape offset roughing and finishing provide the basis for more efficient machining of complex surfaces, while 64-bit support makes more memory available to users. hyperMAXX®, the strategy for high-performance roughing, the CAD system hyperCAD® and CAD-integrated solutions for SolidWorks® and Autodesk® Inventor® will all be on display.

hyperMILL®2011 implements an even more advanced technology: intelligent macros. Users can save predefined rules and conditions for every stage of the machining process. hyperMILL® automatically assigns and adjusts the job steps to the corresponding geometry based on these rules and depending on geometry information such as diameter, depth, open or closed pockets. Application programming interfaces (APIs) provide further automation support: They can be used to create applications that control the generation of complete NC programs.

5axis machining and optimisations

New functions and optimised strategies further lower the programming burden and help to obtain better milling results. The new shape offset roughing and finishing function offers a strategy for the 5axis machining of surfaces with a uniform offset, with simple programming and while avoiding the formation of ‘steps’ that would be common with Z-level roughing approaches. Improved 5axis swarf cutting results in better surface quality. New contour milling features allow for better control when using large milling tools.

Roughing with more performance

hyperMAXX®, the high-performance roughing strategy fully integrated into hyperMILL®, combines optimal milling paths, maximum material removal and minimised machining times. By calculating ideally distributed milling paths and dynamically adjusting the feedrate to existing cutting conditions, this strategy ensures that machining takes place at the fastest possible feedrate. The optional hyperMAXX® module equally supports soft and hard materials, thus perfectly complementing hyperMILL®’s existing roughing strategies.

64-bit support brings further time savings

64-bit support means that users have more memory at their disposal. This means that many calculations can be carried out considerably faster. These features are especially useful when machining large models, which require a large number of job steps and toolpaths. hyperMILL® users thus benefit from further time savings in their day-to-day work.