Aug 30, 2011

Obayashi Signs Agreement with NEC and GRAPHISOFT to Deliver "Smart BIM Cloud"

Building next-generation BIM cloud-computing environment will increase customer satisfaction.

Obayashi Corporation announced that it has signed an agreement on the joint development of a BIM cloud-computing platform with NEC Corporation and GRAPHISOFT. The goal of the agreement is to provide technology leadership for Obayashi through integrated building information modeling workflows and company-wide BIM-based information sharing.

Obayashi has been working on reforming the use of BIM among the design, construction and building operation functions within the entire company. With this alliance, and based on GRAPHISOFT's revolutionary BIM Server technology, Obayashi will achieve "seamless information sharing," which is the key advantage of BIM. NEC has been involved in many large cloud applications and brings its know-how to the table, while GRAPHISOFT is the pioneer in BIM software technology.

Obayashi is confident that by implementing the "Smart BIM Cloud" on a company-wide scale, customers will benefit in a number of areas, including the ability to check the status during design, construction, and completion of buildings, from anywhere and anytime on the web, resulting in information on demand. This leads all stakeholders to a better understanding of each phase beforehand, so that it will be possible to respond to customers' requests in the early stages, leading to consensus early in the design process. In addition, utilizing BIM will result in the creation of a working environment in which each person involved in the building process can cooperate quickly and seamlessly, greatly reducing the construction time. The database contains not only geometric information, but also specification, supply, analytic data, and everything that is necessary for construction. By using these in the production process, construction time will be reduced and quality will be greatly improved.