Aug 10, 2011

New Version of InspectionXpert for Solid Edge Released

Extensible CAD Technologies announces the release of a new version of InspectionXpert for Solid Edge, an automated inspection software that enables manufacturers to automate the time-consuming and error-prone process of manually ballooning Solid Edge drawings and the creation of inspection sheets for first article and in-process quality inspections directly from within Solid Edge.

New enhancements include:

· Support for Solid Edge ST3 and Solid Edge ST2; upcoming support for Solid Edge ST4

· Single window integration with Solid Edge for a better user experience

· Inspection project data is persisted in the Solid Edge drawing file for easy updates to inspection projects when drawing data changes

· Better control over the order and placement of balloons in the Solid Edge drawing

· Support for mapping Solid Edge Configuration-Specific Properties to your inspection report form.

· Mapping of Solid Edge Custom Properties to the InspectionXpert Project Properties, such as part number, part name, revision, etc.