Aug 25, 2011

Luxology modo Added to EskoArtwork Packaging Supply Chain Laboratory at Clemson University's Sonoco Institute

Students at Clemson University’s Sonoco Institute are getting hands-on packaging design experience with a multimillion-dollar, state of the art computer lab equipped with the industry’s most innovative tools, including Luxology®’s modo® and its Package Design and Construction Kit (PACK). As one of the key software applications used in Sonoco Institute’s industrial package design course, ‘PKGSC 220’, Luxology’s modo is helping students learn on professional 3D tools and get an edge in the competitive design market.

“modo is incredibly powerful, and I was blown away by the quality and quantity of packaging designs found in PACK,” said Rupert Andrew Hurley, Packaging Science Assistant Professor at Clemson University. “Unlike most 3D modeling tools that are cumbersome and require fully defined profiles to enter into the 3D environment, modo allows students to quickly enter into the 3D arena, design with minimal constraints, and keep within the software as their ideas become a reality.”

modo and PACK will play a vital role in ‘PKGSC 220’, an industrial design course that teaches students how to design packaging under realistic production constraints. Students begin the class with a product idea, such as a board game, a cosmetic fragrance, a USB drive, or even an action-figure set, and develop these concepts as they would in a commercial environment, with designs prototyped and specification sheets made ready for production. As the primary modeling and rendering tool in the course, modo is used for both conceptual testing and final graphics production on the packaging design prior to the manufacturing stage. In addition, PACK, a collection of over 200 2D and 3D presets, images and assemblies simplifies the creation of a wide variety of open and closed packaging containers.

“The ability to offer students an end-to-end production capability from virtualization to physical manufacturing is a hallmark of the Sonoco Institute,” continues Hurley. “modo is a perfect complement to our curriculum because it offers a balanced diet of form and function by allowing users to go directly from the software to large CAD/CAM tables and rapid prototypers, and render beautiful images of their designs. Furthermore, modo gives us the ability to animate and export into virtually any other software application.”

Clemson University’s Sonoco Institute is the latest educational facility to join Luxology’s growing Education Provider Program, which offers leading colleges, universities and 3D animation schools worldwide access to academically priced copies of modo and other associated training materials from Luxology. As a partner in this program, Clemson University receives special pricing, a site license to modo, automatic entitlement to any modo updates, and onsite Luxology technical support for select academic projects. Educational institutions wishing to enroll or obtain more information about the Education Provider Program should contact Luxology, 650-336-1380 or via email at sales@luxology.com.