Aug 2, 2011

Integware's Out-of-the-Box PLM Offers Unrivaled High-Speed, Low-Cost, Zero Customization ENOVIA Implementations

Integware today introduced the innovationC5™ Turbo (iC5™), a comprehensive out-of-the-box Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution deployment methodology that allows any Dassault Systemes' ENOVIA customers to implement ENOVIA-based products right off of the shelf. This is the first of its kind in the industry, setting the new standard in ENOVIA PLM deployments. Any ENOVIA application can leverage iC5 Turbo's integrated process methodology and can be rapidly implemented without the higher investments associated with time-consuming customization services, and they incorporate Integware's unmatched expertise on the ENOVIA platform, complete scalability, and substantial flexibility within the range of industry best practices. iC5 Turbo, the first of a suite of innovationC5 solutions, enables customers to quickly deploy ENOVIA-based products without the need for expensive consultants or long implementation cycles.

The solution's user-friendly implementation method allows companies to get ENOVIA-based products (Centrals and Accelerators) up and running in significantly less time than a traditional customized software approach. The first products supported by iC5 Turbo are the ENOVIA Quality Centrals and Life Science Accelerators. iC5 Turbo will be extended to support other applications in the ENOVIA product family, including BOM and change management, project management, supplier management, requirements management, CAD data management, materials compliance, and more.

"We discerned a pressing need within the ENOVIA community for a solution that offers radically accelerated implementation at a reduced cost," said Chris Kay, Integware's Chief Executive Officer. "iC5 Turbo incorporates an end-to-end expertise that only Integware can provide. It allows companies to quickly manage their product processes in order to accelerate innovation and reduce time to market."

The iC5 Turbo solution includes:

Comprehensive support from an expert team—Customers have dedicated access to Integware experts who will guide them through the set-up and deployment process.
A web portal for easy set-up—With Integware guidance, customers can log in, enter the required information about their business, and the Integware team uses this information to configure the solution. The set-up is flexible within the constraints set by the industry best practices incorporated into iC5 Turbo.
Tools and support through validation and installation—iC5 Turbo provides a predefined set of requirements and validation protocols that the customer uses to validate the system.
Training—Integware teaches core users how to operate iC5 Turbo.

Integware also offers a variety of additional services to meet specific customer needs, e.g. end-user training services, training in product administration and regulatory compliance, predefined standard operating procedures, data migration, PLM strategies, business value assessments, etc.

iC5 Turbo has a simple and affordable pricing structure, and purchase requires no extensive presales consulting. Customers should contact an Integware sales representative at 970-282-0400 for more information. Stay tuned for an introductory webinar series to iC5 Turbo.