Aug 3, 2011


Global campaign to provide free Academic Licenses to VE-Gaia for colleges and universities worldwide.

Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES), a leading provider of integrated performance analysis software and consulting services for sustainable building design, today announced it will provide colleges and universities around the globe with free Academic Licences for their early stage analysis tool VE-Gaia. With the new academic year starting soon this is an ideal opportunity for educators to fully embed sustainable analysis into their curriculum. Any institution offering Architectural or Sustainable Design courses will find this tool invaluable in assisting student learning across this rapidly growing area.

Supporting the future of the industry, this initiative will ensure young designers are acquainted with the tools increasingly required by potential employers. The ability to use performance analysis software such as VE-Gaia to consider performance and form together from the earliest stages is essential for the future of building design and achieving low/zero carbon structures. With the offer, course instructors can integrate VE-Gaia into their teaching syllabus and set up the software in labs for students to use on projects. There is no constraint on the number of licences provided for free.

IES is committed to dramatically reducing the carbon emissions produced by the built environment. This initiative is a positive step towards that goal. By offering free performance analysis software to academic institutions, IES hopes that students will see the benefits of integrating sustainable analysis into the design process from the earliest stages and incorporate this in their future work practice.

“Performance analysis is a vital component in designing truly sustainable buildings,” said Don McLean, founder and CEO of IES. “If we can encourage students to fully understand this and implement it throughout their career, the future of building design is brighter and I’ll see this initiative as a great success.”

VE-Gaia is a revolutionary tool for early stage architectural analysis. An easy to use workflow system guides users step-by-step through undertaking model setup, assigning data, iterating workflows, filtering results and producing automated visual and rich-text reports. It can be used to gain bio-climatic understanding, create a solar shading movie, benchmark energy/carbon, assess the potential of low/zero carbon & renewable technologies, determine daylight performance, explore sustainable material options, and much more.