Aug 2, 2011

GstarCAD Made New Breakthrough in Asia Market

Beijing: GstarCAD, an industry leading 2D/3D CAD software provider, today announced that Peter Pan, the vice-president of GstarCAD paid a visit to the distributors in Malaysia and Singapore and later met with the distributor of Thailand. His fruitful visiting indicates that the dominant position of GstarCAD in Asia market has been further strengthened.

Nowadays, the rise of Asia is no longer a new topic. Asia especially the south-east Asia takes important role in the world affairs which is indivisible from its outstanding development. The advantage of geographical position makes Asia become a battleground since ancient times. As south-east Asia now turn into the world's manufacturing center, the emerging Asia market shows its great potential ability and draws the attention of the world. Therefore, occupying the Asia market means the manipulation of the world market becomes the universal opinion. These can explain why so many foreign enterprises want to enter Asia market to take a share of the profits and GstarCAD is no exception even gains noticeable achievements.

In order to further know more about users' demands and explore Asia market, on June 30 to July 3 in Malaysia, Peter Pan attended ARCHIDEX, the annual showcase of architecture, interior design and the building industries. During his stay in Malaysia, Peter Pan met with the company's newly developed distributor Neofame and also discussed with the local distributors when he came to Singapore. The strategic cooperation between GstarCAD and its distributors shows that GstarCAD has been recognized by the professional enterprises in 2D software industry.

Not only in Malaysia and Singapore that GstarCAD are widely accepted by users and win good reputation, but in other market of Asia GstarCAD also ranks high among CAD industry field such as Thailand. Before 2008, the market share nearly equals zero in Thailand. Just in short three years, GstarCAD grew from a green hand to an up-rising star with a over 100% annual sales increase can't be saying it's not a miracle. This can explain why AppliCAD, the distributor of GstarCAD in Thailand, expressed strong confident for their cooperation and spoke highly of GstarCAD. The top sales with another three members of AppliCAD paid a return visit after Peter Pan and Catherine came back from their business trip from Singapore. In the top sales' voice, "it is three years since we established relationship with GstarCAD and the facts prove my choice is sensible."