Aug 10, 2011

Google approves ArtVPS as a SketchUp Authorised Training Centre

ArtVPS is the first UK rendering software developer to be approved as a Google SketchUp Authorised Training Centre, and one of the few organisations in the UK approved to run SketchUp training courses, following the qualification of two of its team members.

Senior Technical and Support Manager Martin Cox and Sales Engineer Richard Meade at ArtVPS have both qualified as SketchUp Trainers, passing their Authorised Training Centre (ATC) examinations.

In October 2010, ArtVPS launched Shaderlight, a rendering plug-in to Google SketchUp that enables users to transform their 3D models into photorealistic images with ease. As a Google SketchUp Authorised Training Centre, ArtVPS will further support the fast growing community of 3d modelers in architecture, design and education, teaching users how to design, share and present 3D models using SketchUp.

ArtVPS will run a series of online classes to reach users around the world, but will also offer classroom-based training for individuals or groups at their headquarters in Cambridge, England. Starting with SketchUp Essentials, ArtVPS soon plans to add Advanced SketchUp courses. A session on photorealistic rendering using Shaderlight will be offered alongside the SketchUp training, where users will learn how to render their models with Shaderlight, transforming them for presentation.

Kate Marshall, Marketing Director at ArtVPS said: “This is a real coup for us and we are delighted with our new status. We work closely with partners and customers around the world to demonstrate the fantastic results that can be achieved simply using Shaderlight. Our new status as a Google SketchUp ATC further enhances our offering and will help many more people around the world benefit from this simple yet innovative modeling tool”.