Aug 30, 2011

GibbsCAM Reaches Another Landmark - Develops 1000th MTM (Multi-Task Machine) Post Processor

Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM® software for programming CNC machine tools and a Cimatron company, today announced that it developed its thousandth post processor for GibbsCAM in support of a large variety of Multi-Task Machines (MTMs) in late July.

Each of the 1,000 post processors is uniquely developed and configured for a specific MTM machine-control combination, representing machines from nearly 60 manufacturers. The landmark is significant for two reasons: 1) the use of MTMs is increasing rapidly because of the productivity that these machines can provide –and most MTMs require a CAM system for programming – and 2) after finding a CAM system that readily programs MTMs and overcomes their complexity, the biggest challenge for users is obtaining post processors that generate CNC code that optimizes efficiency of the machine tools, takes advantage of all available control options, and accommodates shop-process preferences, all critical to minimizing the cost of part production. In combination with its GibbsCAM software, widely known for its ease of learning and ease of use, the library of MTM post processors allows Gibbs to provide a more complete and immediate solution to customers who need the productivity offered by multi-task machines.

“We are proud and gratified to have the strongest ensemble of MTM post processors in the industry,” said Robb Weinstein, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Strategic Planning of Gibbs and Associates. “We have been at the forefront of MTM programming since we decided to strategically focus on the MTM market, developing relationships with the largest manufacturers, and in five years, we have gained the renown of having the best, easiest to use, and most complete solution for MTM programming.”

Whereas most CAM software vendors provide a post processor as a generic tool, and relegate configuration and implementation – reiterative testing, trouble shooting and correcting – to their users and resellers, Gibbs has a complete post processor department which develops, implements and maintains post processors. In support of customers and machine-tool builders world wide, the GibbsCAM post processor group maintains a current library of over 10,000 unique post processors to accommodate all types of lathes, mills and multitask machines, in combination with their associated controls.

The 1,000 MTM post processors support the various multi-task-machine model-control combinations from the following manufacturers:

• Amera Seiki
• Anca
• G. Boley
• Bumotec
• Century
• Chiron
• Cincinnati
• Citizen
• Clausing-Colchester
• DAC International
• Doosan
• Eurotech-Biglia
• Fagor
• Farrell
• Giddings & Lewis
• Ganesh
• Gildemeister
• Gital
• Haas
• Hankook
• Hanwha
• Hardinge
• Hitachi Seiki
• Hwacheon
• Index
• Intertech
• Johnford
• Hyundai-Kia
• KMT (Knowledge)
• Matsuura
• Mazak
• Miyano
• Monarch
• Mori Seiki
• Nakamura-Tome
• Nomura
• Okuma
• PCC Olofsson
• Schaublin
• Star CNC
• SMT Swedturn
• Takisawa
• Tornos-Deco
• Toshulin
• Traub
• Trevisan
• Tsugami
• Victor
• Warner & Swasey
• Wasino
• Weiler
• WFL Millturn Technologies
• Willemin-Macodel
• Yama Seiki