Aug 25, 2011

ESI signs a 5-year strategic cooperation agreement in R&D with AVIC, "Aviation Industry Corporation of China"

ESI Group, pioneer and world-leading solution provider in virtual prototyping for manufacturing industries, announces the signing of a 5-year strategic R&D cooperation agreement with BIAM, the Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials from AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation of China). This agreement entails a very close collaboration between BIAM and ESI, joining expertise in complementary technologies and with the objective of creating a joint research team operating as the Joint Research Center for Digital Technology of Aeronautical Materials.

ESI and AVIC have identified a strategic reciprocal opportunity in establishing themselves as innovation partners. In the presence of Mr. Zhanbin Xu, Vice President of AVIC, in Paris on June 13th, Professor Dr.-Ing, XiaoSu Yi, Director of S&T Committee of BIAM and Dr. Alain de Rouvray, Chairman and CEO of ESI Group, concluded an agreement for the next 5 years that commits both partners to leveraging their mutual knowledge in the field of materials technology through the integration of shared resources, infrastructure and work planning on innovative and collaborative projects.

“I believe ESI’s approach of co-creation will ensure that our strategic R&D partnership gives both our companies access to the tools and technologies they need to compete globally in the aeronautics market. The key to gaining competitive advantage through this partnership will lie in our ability to establish dialogue, nourish mutual trust, and manage close interaction and reactivity. These joint efforts can only generate extremely positive outcomes for both ESI and AVIC,” declared Mr. Zhanbin Xu, Vice President of AVIC.

“The Chinese market is not only the next largest market for aeronautics; it is also technologically mature and ready to compete globally in terms of technical expertise and innovation. ESI is honored to be part of a strategic cooperation agreement with prestigious BIAM-AVIC, and our teams are fully motivated to engage our industry expertise in advanced and innovative joint projects. This strategic milestone will also ensure that ESI is best positioned to further understand and anticipate the needs of the emerging Chinese market in aeronautics and to develop specific solutions that will enable mutual success in the short and long term,” commented Alain de Rouvray, Chairman and CEO of ESI Group.

ESI is already present in China since 2001, with offices in Beijing since 2006 and more recently in Shanghai and Chengdu. The company supplies virtual prototyping solutions to major aeronautic groups around the globe; notably AVIC, Boeing, Dassault, EADS, Embraer and Safran.