Aug 12, 2011

EnvisionTEC offers 3-Dimensional Print Solutions at Siggraph

EnvisionTEC announced today that it will feature its Perfactory Mini Multi Lens 3-Dimensional printer at the Siggraph 2011 Conference and Exhibition, August 7 – 11th, at the Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada, in booth #940.

The company plans to present its high precision content-to-print solutions to the computer graphics and interactive techniques marketplace and demonstrate some of the capabilities and advantages of one of the highest resolution systems in the industry. With high quality surface finishes, a wide range of materials, and amazing speed, the Mini MML is a customer favorite for producing useable models of 3-Dimensional digital creations for a variety of purposes. EnvisionTEC’s 3-dimensional printers are currently being used by toy and model creators, the movie industry, artists and more in additional to the traditional functions of rapid prototyping for manufacturing, jewelry, and the dental and hearing aid industries.

At the heart of all EnvisionTEC systems lies the Texas Instruments DLP technology, which with its Digital Micro-Mirror Device (DMD), can expose each entire layer in one pass. This unique technology is the key to achieving rapid build speeds without sacrificing part accuracy or detail. Eliminating the need for laser scanning ensures 100% build time predictability and it can build multiple components in the same time it takes to build one, as the time per layer remains the same regardless of the amount of parts or level of detail.

EnvisionTEC manufactures high precision rapid manufacturing and rapid prototyping equipment. The Perfactory product line employs selective light modulation technology by using a single or multiple DLP-based projectors to build 3-dimensional parts using light sensitive photopolymer-based materials.