Aug 5, 2011

Delcam rated world's leading CAM specialist for 11th year

Increased sales of PowerMILL for five-axis machining has helped Delcam to maintain its position as the world’s leading CAM specialist.

The latest NC Software and Related Services Market report from leading US analysts CIMdata shows that, in 2010, Delcam again had the highest vendor revenues and received the highest end-user payments of all the CAM-centric companies. This means that the company has completed eleven years as the world’s leading CAM specialist, having first achieved its global leadership in 2000.

Delcam also continued to increase its market share. The company’s share of total vendor revenue grew from under 6.5% in 2009 to almost 6.7% in 2010. A further increase in market share to almost 7.5% is predicted by CIMdata for Delcam in 2011.

The CIMdata report also confirmed that Delcam continues to employ the largest development team in the industry, with 175 people working on the company’s manufacturing software. Only two other companies employ more than 100 CAM developers; Siemens PLM with 130 and Dassault with 110.

Delcam Chief Executive, Clive Martell, highlighted the obvious link between the two sets of statistics. "By employing the industry’s largest development team, we are able to produce the world’s most comprehensive collection of machining software from any supplier. We can also ensure that each of our programs is the most productive for each of the sectors in which we operate,” he claimed. "This gives us an unrivalled ability to provide solutions to all of a company’s programming needs. Larger companies can meet all of their CAM needs from a single supplier, while smaller companies can choose exactly the system they need for their particular combination of products and machine tools.”

Total end-user spending is estimated by CIMdata to have grown by 7.6% in 2010, reflecting the rebound in the global economy. CIMdata projects that the rebound in manufacturing will continue in 2011and so estimates that end-user spending for NC software will increase by 6%, approximately back to 2008 levels.